Getting started with myDESIGNER

Table of Contents
  • File: manipulation of project files and printing
  • Project: has the same structure as the Project Window
    • Projects: manipulation of projects
    • View: working with views
    • Layouts: viewing Layout definitions
    • Documents: loading, copying, and deletion of attached PDF documents
    • Advanced Trends: opening up and closing trends
    • CAS Alarms: opening up and closing complex alarms
    • Data-logs: defining data logging
    • Tag Database: managing your tags
    • Connections: connections to your PLCs
    • Server-side Scripts:  managing JavaScript in mySCADA
    • Sound: loading and deletion of MP3 files
    • Users: managing users
    • Devices: equipment with installed mySCADA application, accessible from the editor
  • Tools: language selection
  • Window: direct access to different editor tabs and window control
  • Help: opens the help menu


Watch tutorial video describing this functionality:–o1ub8

The first screen you will see after opening the application is the Start Page.

start page


Click on the blue arrow in the bottom left-hand corner for a brief tutorial to get to know the capabilities of myDESIGNER. The Start Page always opens up upon the start of the application – if you wish to prevent this, click on the Show On Startup button at the bottom. You can close the by clicking on the cross in the header tab. If you wish to display the Start Page again, go to the main menu, Help section, and select Start Page.

Look at the picture below to get to know the myDESIGNER interface:


Main toolbar #

The basic toolbar consists of the following functions:



  • Save – saves your work
  • Save all files – saves all opened files
  • Undo – undo the last operation
  • Redo – redo last operation
  • Upload from a Device – downloads a project from the selected mySCADA device
  • Download to a Device – uploads a project to the selected mySCADA device
  • New Project – creates a new empty project or from the wizard, opens existing projects, and imports projects from .mep file
  • Check Project – checks the selected project
  • Customize the Look – customizes colors, fonts, and look of a project
  • Project Up – moves the project up the list
  • Project Down – moves the project down the list

 The main toolbar content may change depending on a selected project element (i.e. project, view, sound, script, document, alarm, etc.). The set of described icons only concerns the project elements; other possible sets are described in the chapters devoted to the relevant elements.