DM-MBUS64 – M-Bus converter for up to 64 devices

The micro-processor converter DM-MBUS64 with M-Bus interface is designed for reading energy meters – reading measured heat, cold, reading water meters, electricity meters, gas meters, etc. We can connect up to 64 M-Bus devices type slave, the bus is powered from the internal source of the converter. Data from the M-Bus are available via RS232 or Ethernet interface (switch with two ports). The converter is designed to be mounted on DIN 35 mm rail and powered from a 24 V DC source.

The converter galvanically isolates all communication interfaces from each other, the M-Bus is galvanically connected to the power source. On part of the converter, the M-Bus is protected against a line short-circuit and against overvoltage (transil 600 W), and it is furthermore able to indicate an overloaded interface status.

The DM-MBUS64 converter supports the following communication options:


  • transparent (Direct) mode


  • MODBUS TCP/IP (max. 6 clients)
  • M-Bus frames in APE mode (a protocol by AMiT) or Direct mode (frames encapsulated into TCP or UDP packets)


We are able to set communication options independently on RS232 and Ethernet interfaces. Configuration data is saved in EEPROM. We configure the converter via RS232 or Ethernet interface (using the programme MB2ETTest), or using a web interface (requires activated service mode).


Conversion type M-Bus <-> Ethernet / RS232
Mounting on DIN 35 mm rail
M-Bus 1× (Master)
Communication speed 300 bps, 600 bps, 1,200 bps and 2,400 bps
Overvoltage protection Transil 600 W
Short-circuit protection Electronic
Number of connectable M-Bus Slave units 1 to 64
M-Bus power supply From an internal source
M-Bus galvanic isolation Ne
Ethernet 1× (switch)
Communication speed  10 / 100 Mbps
Galvanic isolation Yes
Connection point 2× connector RJ45
Communication speed  1,200 bps to 57,600 bps
Galvanic isolation Yes
Connection point Connector RJ45
Power supply

24 V DC ± 20 %

Dimensions (w × h × d) (106 × 100 × 62) mm
Document File
DM-MBUS64 Data sheet dm-mbus64_d_en_101.pdf
Drawing symbol
ePLAN macro
Operation manual dm-mbus64_g_en_106.pdf

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