AMR-OP87 – Graphic control HMI 7″

The AMR-OP87 programmable HMI / control system is pleasant to use even in places with high standards of operator comfort thanks to its high-performance processor and sufficient memory (2+16 MB Flash, 4 MB RAM). It features a superb 7″ display with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels as well as to enjoy all possibilities of a programmable control system. The graphic screens and control algorithms are programmable in the DetStudio. The terminal also offers a function of an internal webserver which is fully configurable in the AWDet editor.

The AMR-OP87 supports the communication protocol of the DB-Net/IP information system; as a result, it can be easily integrated as a graphic interface to all AMiT control systems without requiring excessive demands for communication data preparation. Standard communication protocols MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP can be used for third party systems.

The HMI is usually equipped with an Ethernet interface and two RS485 lines. The operating temperature ranges between -20 and 70 °C. This HMI is supposed to be mounted in a switchboard cabinet door, degree of protection being IP65. For on-wall mounting using KU 68 electroinstalation piece, graphic HMI AMR-OP87/P shall be used instead.

Furthermore, AMR-OP87/G is equipped with an internal GSM modem for operation by means of SMS (commands, reports).


Type Graphic touchscreen
Display TFT, (800 × 480) px., 65536 colours
Display size 7″
Ethernet IEEE802.3 (RJ45 connector)
Serial lines

2× RS485 (1× with GI)

GSM modem Version AMR-OP87/G
Wireless communication No
SD card Micro SD (HC), 128 MB to 32 GB
Cover protection rate

IP65 – front panel, IP20 – rear panel

Memory 2 MB + 16 MB FLASH
RAM + RTC backup BR2477 lithium battery removable module
Parametrisation DetStudio / EsiDet
Power supply 19.2 V DC to 28.8 V DC
Operating temperature -20 °C to 70 °C
Dimensions (w × h × d) 

(220 × 130 × 39) mm


Document File
AMR-OP87 RevA Data sheet amr-op87_reva_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol
ePLAN macro
Operation manual amr-op87_reva_g_en_102.pdf
AMR-OP87/G RevA Data sheet amr-op87g_reva_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol
ePLAN macro
Operation manual amr-op87g_reva_g_en_102.pdf

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