The AMiT company behaves in accordance with and adheres to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy which is based on general principles of responsible business and company’s sustainable development, development and production in the given field of operation. AMiT reflects these principles in its company ecosystem and strives to influence its environment in accordance with them.

The company CSR policy includes the following areas:

  • Business Ethics
  • Quality and Environmental Protection
  • Development and Growth of Employees
  • Human Rights, Equal Treatment and Respect for Differences
  • Occupational Health and Safety

Emphasis is placed on the use of the comprehensive expertise and experience of AMiT employees which enable the company customers to implement their projects with high quality, appropriate economy and in the best possible conditions supporting sustainable development.

The CSR principles are integrated and implemented in a wide range of AMiT’s corporate strategies and policies. The responsible social behaviour of the company therefore follows the company’s values, mission and strategies.