AMR-OP87/V – Programmable graphic 7″ HMI

Freely programmable control system with 7″ HMI AMR-OP87/V is a very versatile device. Not only is it possible to view process information thanks to 7″ display with 800 × 480 resolution, but also works as a full-fledged PLC – Control system. Same as other AMiT control systems, programme and also graphic layout is made using software tool DetStudio.

AMR-OP87/V is an industrial version of operator panel that operates within wide range of temperatures, from -20 to 70 °C. The panel is mounted in electrical cabinet door using special screw clips. Correctly mounted HMI ensures IP65 protection. Standard configuration features one Ethernet port and one serial line port RS485. However, it is possible to expand the communication options via EM-xx series modules – RS232, RS485, M-Bus and CAN. Also it is possible to implement EMW-xx series modules for wireless communication. The user is able to install these communication modules by himself anytime.
Supported communication protocols are MODBUS, MQTT, Websocket and DB-net(/IP).

The AMR-OP87/V is easily expandable using AMRIO series I/O modules, that operate on MODBUS RTU over RS485. That way the user achieves functionality of a full-fledged control system.

Furthermore, freely programmable webserver and a microSD card slot are included!


Type Graphic touchscreen
Display TFT, (800 × 480) px., 65536 colours
Display size 7″
Ethernet IEEE802.3 (RJ45 connector)
Serial lines

1× RS485 (without GI)

1× EM-xx slot (RS232 / RS485 / CAN / M-Bus)

1× EMW-xx slot (GSM modem)

SD card Micro SD (HC), 128 MB to 32 GB
Cover protection rate

IP65 – front panel, IP20 – rear panel

Memory 2 MB + 16 MB FLASH
RAM + RTC backup Replaceable lithium battery module CR2032
Parametrisation DetStudio / EsiDet
Power supply 12 V DC to 30 V DC
Operating temperature -20 °C to 70 °C
Dimensions (w × h × d) 

(218 × 130 × 52) mm


Document File
AMR-OP87/V Drawing symbol
ePLAN macro
Foot print amr-op87v_fp_en_100.pdf
Operation manual amr-op87v_g_en_104.pdf
Data sheet amr-op87v_d_en_101.pdf

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