TouchDet – visualisation environment for industrial computers

TouchDet is an environment for creation and visualisation of technological complexes for panel computers of the APTXA4010AT/APT4015AT series and embedded computers of the PPC4000AT series.

As a feature of industrial computers, TouchDet is used for:

  • graphic presentation of data to the user on panel computer displays
  • graphic presentation of data to the user by means of a web server
  • definition of peripheral devices to communicate with and development of the graphic part (WYSIWYG)

TouchDet environment in the panel computer allows the user to get local visualisation of data on the panel computer display, including the option of visualisation on remote PCs by means of standard web servers.

When it comes to programmers, TouchDet is excellent for project development directly from the website in the panel computer/embedded computer, without the necessity to install any development environment.

This approach brings the advantage of common design of the graphic part for the panel computer display and for the web browser running on any external device (computer, tablet, mobile phone). The application configuration and screens are only defined once and they remain displayed in the same form on the panel computer display as well on the web browser. Web browsers recommended for the access to the industrial computer web server are Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Data visualisation may vary in other browsers.


TouchDet – development environment on PC

The programme allows project development offline, without the necessity of connection to a panel computer or embedded computer. In such case, it is necessary to install the development environment on PC (with OS Windows 64 bit). The programmer may then prepare the visualisation on their own computer and upload the resulting project into the industrial computer via a web browser anytime later.

TouchDet basic features

  • local graphic visualisation of the technology monitored
  • access from anywhere through a web browser
  • local and remote editing of industrial computer functionality
  • local and remote editing of technology parameters
  • comfortable graphic editing of time plans
  • simple parameterisation without the necessity of a knowledge of web technologies and languages
  • option of value archiving
  • option of setting user authorisation rights
  • graph visualisation
  • animation of technology statuses
  • option of exporting archived data to a USB flash drive
  • option of saving archived data to a micro SD card or SSD
  • bilingual localisation of the resulting application (option of editing any languages)
  • number of users, peripheries (control system, controller units) and configured visualisation screens depends only on the performance of the panel computer/embedded computer


System requirements:

  • MS Windows 64bit
  • 50 MB space on the disk for the actual TouchDet application.
  • Another ca 20 MB space on the harddrive for temporary files during installation.
  • Administrator rights granted during installation (for copying and registering system components and DLL).


Installation procedure:

Download the installation file.

Save the file into any folder on your harddrive.

Run the installation programme in this file and follow the instructions of the installation programme.

The programme may require you to restart the computer as necessary.

If you have the previous version of TouchDet, it will be replaced by the latest version automatically.

The versions in the LCD panel and in Windows must always be identical.


Document File
TouchDet 2.x Instalation file
Operation manual touchdet2x_g_en_103.pdf
TouchDet 2.x FW Instalation file

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