Czech manufacturer of control systems and electronics
for industrial and building automation

The AMiT company is a major Czech manufacturer of control systems and electronics for industrial and building automation. We have achieved our leading position on the market mainly thanks to a close link between the development with our own state-of-the-art manufacturing process and our unrivalled technical support.

Our high demands for manufacturing quality and the resulting products, supported by more than twenty years of practical experience, guarantee successful implementations even with the most demanding customers.


Control Systems

Freely programmable control systems - small/mini, compact, modular, control terminals.

Remote inputs/outputs

Remote input/output modules to extend the number of control system I/O - MODBUS and ARION communication.

Programmable Controllers

A new generation of freely programmable controllers for building automation. MODBUS and DB-Net communication.

Industrial PC

Panel and embedded industrial computers designed on PC platform.


Development and debugging environments, servicing programmes, communication controllers, software tools and utilities.


Connector cables, Production discontinued

Application Notes

Detailed manuals, topics and inspiration on what to do with AMiT products and how. Available upon registration.

Our news

Measuring relative humidity with AMR-OP60(RH)

The AMR-OP60 on-wall controllers were the last series of AMiT products that featured an ambient temperature sensor but no relative humidity sensor. This feature was incorporated into the controller and we are happy to introduce the upgraded AMR-OP60RH with a name suffix known from other AMiT [...]

Compatibility of on-wall controllers

When a new, relative humidity measuring on-wall controller replaces or joins the other AMiT controllers, the first thing that gets asked is whether they are compatible. The tables below show the compatibility of the currently available controllers and the compatibility of the current models [...]

DM-OT2 – reworked OpenTherm converter

We decided to completely rework our RS485 to OpenTherm converter. The main motivation was to unify the two versions for two different protocols into a single device. DM-OT2 replaces both DM-OT for the ARION protocol and DMM-OT for the MODBUS RTU protocol. The protocol to be used is simply [...]

DM-MPBUS2 – effective connection of drives via MP-Bus interface

The technology of the specialised MP-Bus network for Belimo drives is nothing new for a seasoned HVAC engineer. Five years ago, the AMiT company introduced universal communication converters between MP-Bus to RS485 – DM-MPBUS for the proprietary ARION protocol and DMM-MPBUS for the MODBUS RTU [...]