Czech manufacturer of control systems and electronics
for industrial and building automation

The AMiT company is a major Czech manufacturer of control systems and electronics for industrial and building automation. We have achieved our leading position on the market mainly thanks to a close link between the development with our own state-of-the-art manufacturing process and our unrivalled technical support.

Our high demands for manufacturing quality and the resulting products, supported by more than twenty years of practical experience, guarantee successful implementations even with the most demanding customers.


Control Systems

Freely programmable control systems - small/mini, compact, modular, control terminals.

Remote inputs/outputs

Remote input/output modules to extend the number of control system I/O - MODBUS and ARION communication.

Programmable Controllers

A new generation of freely programmable controllers for building automation. MODBUS and DB-Net communication.

Industrial PC

Panel and embedded industrial computers designed on PC platform.


Development and debugging environments, servicing programmes, communication controllers, software tools and utilities.


Connector cables, Production discontinued

Application Notes

Detailed manuals, topics and inspiration on what to do with AMiT products and how. Available upon registration.

Our news

AWDet ver. 1.10.5

What’s new in version 1.10.5 Minor bug fixes and corrections Fixed an issue with checking for a new version of AWDet Revision of the AWDet help Get the current AWDet version!  

We test all employees twice a week

At AMiT, antigen testing for Covid-19 has been launched today and will be performed twice a week. This was implemented to try to prevent the spread of the disease among employees as much as possible. AMiT has already transferred some employees to the home-office for positions whose nature [...]

ViewDet ver. 1.3.3

What’s new in version 1.3.3 NEW: New “Idle time” parameter for archiving controls. FIX: Fixed issues with automatic online checking of new versions. FIX: Revision and corrections of the English language variant. Other minor enhancements… Download the latest ViewDet version!  

LookDet ver. 4.0.10

We released the long-awaited update (ver. 4.0.10) to our cloud-based supervisory system LookDet! LookDet 4.0.10 requires Ubuntu 18.04 to function. Administrators of concerned servers were already informed about how to proceed with upgrading both the Ubuntu operating system and the LookDet [...]