Czech manufacturer of control systems and electronics
for industrial and building automation

The AMiT company is a major Czech manufacturer of control systems and electronics for industrial and building automation. We have achieved our leading position on the market mainly thanks to a close link between the development with our own state-of-the-art manufacturing process and our unrivalled technical support.

Our high demands for manufacturing quality and the resulting products, supported by more than twenty years of practical experience, guarantee successful implementations even with the most demanding customers.




Control Systems

Freely programmable control systems - small/mini, compact, modular, control terminals.

Remote inputs/outputs

Remote input/output modules to extend the number of control system I/O - MODBUS and ARION communication.

Programmable Controllers

A new generation of freely programmable controllers for building automation. MODBUS and DB-Net communication.

Industrial PC

Panel and embedded industrial computers designed on PC platform.


Development and debugging environments, servicing programmes, communication controllers, software tools and utilities.


Connector cables, Production discontinued

Application Notes

Detailed manuals, topics and inspiration on what to do with AMiT products and how. Available upon registration.

Price List

Current AMiT price lists, general terms and conditions. Entry available only to business partners.

Our news

Den otevřených dveří aneb ISH v Brně

Společnost AMiT se bude v polovině března opět prezentovat ve Frankfurtu na výstavě ISH, největším světovém veletrhu sanitární techniky, vytápění a klimatizace. Rádi vás v naší expozici přivítáme. Pokud cestu do Frankfurtu neplánujete, máte jedinečnou příležitost se seznámit s naší veletržní [...]

ISH 2019 (Frankfurt am Main)

Dear AMiT partners and friends. It is our pleasure to invite you to the release and showcase our latest hardware developments and software solution at the ISH Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. The exhibition will be held from March 11 to 15, 2019. We would be more than happy to get in touch and [...]

AMR-CP40 – Control system without I/O

With the release of the new development environment version DetStudio ver. 2.0, certain control units type AMREG acquired properties of classic control systems. Moreover, programming these units became much more simple, effective and comfortable. This new functionality is particularly prominent [...]

Pricelist update (1/2019)

Pricelist commentary (valid from January 2019): prices modified in certain modules of systems ADiS, AMiNi4DW2, AMAP99, of some controllers in the series AMREG, AMR-OP60, AMR-OP40, AMR-OP30A, DM-AO8I, DM-485TO485 new name for AMR-OP40C, now available as AMR-OP40RHC (designation for humidity [...]