Poseidon – 868 MHz wireless system

The Poseidon wireless system is a product of the Czech company ENIKA.CZ, which has more than 20 years of experience with the development and production of RF systems. The new system takes into account the ever-growing demands on electrical installations in houses, as well as commercial buildings. This means user-friendliness, comfort, operation efficiency, flexibility during interior modifications and the speed of installation. Poseidon provides modern wireless electrical-installation, which combines the properties of an intelligent bus system along with demands for flexibility, reliability and assembly speed.


The Poseidon system essentially consists of two basic components


The transmitter is the part which enables the user “freedom of control” – this makes it possible to control any receiver. The transmitter can be placed practically anywhere within range of the Poseidon system radio signal. A battery-powered transmitter can even be placed on flammable bases or in close proximity of baths.


The receiver is connected to an appliance’s power circuit and is used to switch on and off directly and to regulate. Receivers in power circuits can also be used as signal repeaters. This function is invaluable in areas with poor VF signal propagation.


The main advantages of the Poseidon system


Some of the Poseidon system transmitters have the properties that allow them to transmit until the receiver confirms that it really has received the command. Some selected devices have the option of visualising this status – the retrospective confirmation from the receiver that it has received the transmitter’s command, or that the receiver has really carried out the transmitter’s command. Another advantage of the new Poseidon system is the ability to transmit analogue values. The duration of a transmitted message is only 5 ms. This allows the system to be much more resilient against external interference.


The basic configuration of the Poseidon system can be done using the buttons on the devices. With more complicated installations or when there is a demand for higher device functionality it is possible to use the configuration SW Poseidon Asistent.

Energy savings

The Poseidon system includes elements that save electricity. These include receivers designed to keep lighting on a constant level and radio-frequency PIR presence detectors. The Poseidon devices in this field tackle the issues of both energy efficiency and the required flexibility. Even the light and motion sensors are based on radio-frequency and are therefore wireless!


Wall-mounted transmitters are available in ABB Elektro Praga’s best-selling designs. The Poseidon mobile transmitter series includes entirely new and unique designs.

Environmental friendliness

The lifespan of the Poseidon transmitters’ batteries is usually around 10 years, which is practically the whole expected lifespan of the building interiors. Therefore, it is not necessary to change the batteries!


The use of transmitters and receivers of the Poseidon series provides reliable control of devices up to a distance of 150 m in the open. If the system’s accessories are used, then the range extends to up to 3 km! Every receiver that is being charged from the network can also be used as a signal repeater.


The Poseidon system devices are mutually compatible. Any transmitter can control any receiver.


Integration into control systems

AMiT has developed a AMR-CP2x communication unit from the AMREG programmable controller series, with which it is possible to easily connect the wireless space of the Poseidon system to the control systems. We can use the pre-defined unit configuration, which serves as a communication gateway with MODBUS/TCPMODBUS RTUDB-Net/IP or ARION protocols. Since the unit is freely programmable, we can attach to the gateway function any application program created in the DetStudio space and so effectively expand the unit with any type of other function or use regulation algorithms as a simple webserver for client control. An entirely unique function of the unit is the support of a remote configuration of the whole wireless installation using the Ethernet connection (Internet) practically from anywhere using the Poseidon Asistent program.

AMiT is the official distributor of the Poseidon wireless system and provides primary technical support and professional training regarding the integration of the wireless system into superior control systems and visualisations.

The description of the individual elements of the Poseidon system including technical specifications can be found on the company ENIKA.CZ website.

The Poseidon wireless system is used for automated control of lighting in commercial buildings and industrial halls and also in the project Building Automation by companies ENIKA.CZ and AMiT.