AMR-OP10 – Small graphic terminal

A freely programmable HMI with an integrated black-and-white graphic touchscreen and a small control system without its own inputs and outputs; the OP10 packs both in a truly compact body. It communicates with a superior control system and with AMREG series controllers via Ethernet interface or two RS485 lines. RAM and RTC are backed up with a replaceable battery. The AMR-OP10 control HMI is designed to be mounted into the panel in either horizontal or vertical position.

Control Touchscreen
Display Graphic black-and-white LCD
Resolution (64 × 132) pixels
Display area (38 × 58) mm
RAM and RTC backup Yes, replaceable battery
Temperature measurement External Ni1000 / Pt1000
Communication Ethernet, RS485 (GI), RS485 (no GI)
Ingress protection IP65 – front panel, IP20 – rear panel
Assembly mounting into the switchboard panel
Power supply 24 V DC, -30 % to +25 %
Operating temperature -10 °C to 50 °C
Dimensions (w × h × d)  (116 × 96 × 48) mm
Document File
AMR-OP10 Data sheet amr-op10_d_en_100.pdf
ePLAN macro
Operation manual amr-op10_g_en_106.pdf

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