AppConfig – application configuration tool

AppConfig – parametrisation of type solutions The AppConfig application was designed for setting parameters of type solutions and custom applications created in the DetStudio/EsiDet IDE and loaded in programmable controllers or control systems. Its [...]


AMR-FCT20 – HVAC controller The AMR-FCT20/DM programmable controller for independent control of room temperature was designed to control Fan-Coil units, chilled beams, ceiling heating systems, radiator-based heating systems, VAV systems and their [...]


DM-ESW05 – Ethernet switch DM-ESW05 is an industrial-grade nonconfigurable 5-port Ethernet switch with a 35 mm DIN rail mounting. It supports standard 24 V DC power supply and operates within the temperature range of -40 °C to 70 °C. There are two [...]


AMRIO – Remote Input/Output Modules The AMRIO series input/output extension modules are used to easily extend I/O signals of control systems. Modules from this series feature both ARION and MODBUS RTU communication protocols – the selection of the [...]


DM-GSM3 – GSM network modem The DM-GSM3 industrial modem is a standard GSM modem used in AMiT control systems for SMS data transmission. It supports standard AT commands which means it can cooperate with third-party devices as well. We recommend the GSM [...]

AW-P868A wireless communication module

AW-P868A – module for wireless communication via Poseidon 868 MHz Plug-in module AW-P868A allows direct connection of wireless controls of the system Poseidon 868 MHz in selected AMiT products. Its implementation does not require any external [...]


AMR-CP4x – Control system Control units of the series AMR-CP4x are used as communication centres and freely programmable control systems with remote inputs/outputs. This control system features Ethernet interface (two connectors with the switch function), [...]


DM-MBUS64 – M-Bus converter for up to 64 devices The micro-processor converter DM-MBUS64 with M-Bus interface is designed for reading energy meters – reading measured heat, cold, reading water meters, electricity meters, gas meters, etc. We [...]


Embedded industrial computer PPC4000A(T) PPC4000A is an industrial computer built on a PC platform designed for DIN rail mounting. It contains the main processor module with processor Intel® Atom™ E3815, 2 GB DDR3L RAM, 4 GB SATA SLC eMMC. Apart [...]

Software tools

Software tools and utilities A group of programmes for setting configurations of communication converters and GSM modems. The software tools are available free of charge for registered website users. Overview of programme utilities: MB2ETTest – the [...]