AMR-OP87/P – Programmable graphic HMI

AMR-OP87 – Graphic control HMI 7″ Progammable HMI / Control system AMR-OP87/P is designed to be mounted on a wall using standardized KU 68 component. Likewise AMR-OP87, which is designed for switchboard cabined door mounting, it features 7″ [...]

AMR-OP83 – graphic

AMR-OP83 – a compact graphic control HMI The freely programmable HMI / control system AMR-OP83 ranks among the smallest control systems manufactured by the AMiT company. Despite its size, AMR-OP83 offers complete control functionality comparable to other [...]

Plug-in modules

Plug-in modules for control systems Plug-in modules are an effective solution for extending the capabilities of control systems and HMIs. These modules plug into sockets built into the devices. They are accessible after detaching the cover (see [...]

CM plug-in modules

CM-xx plug-in modules for control systems The CM-xx series of plug-in modules are used to extend the communication capabilities of the ACOS200 control system. They plug into sockets built into the control system. They are accessible after dismounting the [...]

EM plug-in modules

EM-xx plug-in modules for control systems and HMIs The EM-xx series of plug-in modules are used to expand connectivity capabilities of HMIs and control systems, e.g., AMR-OP83. These communication modules plug into the mini PCIe slots located on the main [...]

AppConfig – application configuration tool

AppConfig – parametrisation of type solutions The AppConfig application was designed for setting parameters of type solutions and custom applications created in the DetStudio/EsiDet IDE and loaded in programmable controllers or control systems. Its [...]


AMR-FCT20 – HVAC controller The AMR-FCT20/DM programmable controller for independent control of room temperature was designed to control Fan-Coil units, chilled beams, ceiling heating systems, radiator-based heating systems, VAV systems and their [...]


DM-ESW05 – Ethernet switch DM-ESW05 is an industrial-grade nonconfigurable 5-port Ethernet switch with a 35 mm DIN rail mounting. It supports standard 24 V DC power supply and operates within the temperature range of -40 °C to 70 °C. There are two [...]


AMRIO – Remote Input/Output Modules The AMRIO series input/output extension modules are used to easily extend I/O signals of control systems. Modules from this series feature both ARION and MODBUS RTU communication protocols – the selection of the [...]


DM-GSM3 – GSM network modem The DM-GSM3 industrial modem is a standard GSM modem used in AMiT control systems for SMS data transmission. It supports standard AT commands which means it can cooperate with third-party devices as well. We recommend the GSM [...]