Overview of discontinued products

Products stated on this page have been removed from standard production. The Download section features complete documentation to all of these previous products. If you have not found the documents on your required product, please contact our Technical Support, we are happy to help you.


Production discontinued – Products overview

Control systems

AMAP99S(/I2), AMiRiS99S(/I2)

Control HMIs

ART4000B, ART4000A/1M, ART4000F/I2, ART267A


APT200, APT1000FG

Programmable Controllers


Room Control Units


Communication Converters



Document File
AD-IRC2 Data sheet ad-irc2_d_en_100.pdf
AD-TM2 Data sheet ad-tm2_d_en_100.pdf
ADOS025 Drawing symbol ados255a_s_en_100.zip
AMAP99S/I2 ePLAN macro amap99s_se_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol amap99s_s_en_100.zip
Data sheet amap99s_d_en_101.pdf
AMR-CP20/01 Drawing symbol amr-cp2001_s_en_100.zip
ePLAN macro amr-cp2001_se_en_100.zip
Data sheet amr-cp2001_d_en_100.pdf
AMR-CP22/01 ePLAN macro amr-cp2201_se_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol amr-cp2201_s_en_100.zip
AMR-CP26/01 ePLAN macro amr-cp2601_se_en_100.zip
Operation manual amr-cp2601_g_en_100.pdf
Data sheet amr-cp2601_d_en_101.pdf
Drawing symbol amr-cp2601_s_en_100.zip
AMR-OP30A ePLAN macro amr-op30a_se_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol amr-op30a_s_en_100.zip
Data sheet amr-op30a_d_en_100.pdf
AMR-OP31A Data sheet amr-op31a_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol amr-op31a_s_en_100.zip
ePLAN macro amr-op31a_se_en_100.zip
AMR-OP33A ePLAN macro amr-op33a_se_en_100.zip
Data sheet amr-op33a_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol amr-op33a_s_en_100.zip
AMR-OP35A ePLAN macro amr-op35a_se_en_100.zip
Data sheet amr-op35a_d_en_100.pdf
AMR-OP3xA Operation manual amr-op3xa_g_en_100.pdf
AMR-OP60/xx Drawing symbol amr-op60_s_en_100.zip
Operation manual amr-op60xx_g_en_103.pdf
Data sheet amr-op60xx_d_en_100.pdf
AMR-OP60B/xx Data sheet amr-op60bxx_d_en_101.pdf
AMR-OP70/xx Drawing symbol amr-op70_s_en_100.zip
Data sheet amr-op70xx_d_en_101.pdf
AMR-OP70B/xx Data sheet amr-op70bxx_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol amr-op70b_s_en_100.zip
AMR-OP70C/xx Drawing symbol amr-op70c_s_en_100.zip
Data sheet amr-op70cxx_d_en_101.pdf
AMR-OP71/xx ePLAN macro amr-op71xx_se_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol amr-op71_s_en_100.zip
Data sheet amr-op71xx_d_en_101.pdf
AMR-OP71B/xx Data sheet amr-op71bxx_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol amr-op71b_s_en_100.zip
AMR-OP71C/xx Drawing symbol amr-op71c_s_en_100.zip
Data sheet amr-op71cxx_d_en_101.pdf
Operation manual amr-op71cxx_g_en_101.pdf
AMR-RTV10 ePLAN macro amr-rtv1001_se_en_101.zip
Operation manual amr-rtv1001_g_en_103.pdf
Data sheet amr-rtv1001_d_en_101.pdf
Drawing symbol amr-rtv10xx_s_en_101.zip
AMR-RTV20/DM Data sheet amr-rtv20dm_d_en_101.pdf
Drawing symbol amr-rtv20dm_s_en_100.zip
ePLAN macro amr-rtv20dm_se_en_101.zip
Operation manual amr-rtv20dm_g_en_102.pdf
AMiNiS/I Drawing symbol aminisi_s_en_101.zip
AMiRiS99S(/I2) Drawing symbol amiris99s_s_en_100.zip
Data sheet amiris99s_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro amiris99s_se_en_100.zip
APT1000FG Data sheet apt1000fgi_d_en_101.pdf
Drawing symbol apt1000fgi_s_en_101.zip
APT200 Data sheet apt200_d_en_101.pdf
Drawing symbol apt200_s_en_101.zip
APT200F Data sheet apt200f_d_en_101.pdf
Drawing symbol apt200fi_s_en_101.zip
AREL7S2P-X Data sheet arel7s2p-x_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol arel7s2p-x_s_en_100.zip
ART267A Drawing symbol art267a_s_en_101.zip
Data sheet art267a_d_en_101.pdf
ART267AX Drawing symbol art267ax_s_en_101.zip
Data sheet art267ax_d_en_100.pdf
ART4000 Drawing symbol art4000_s_en_100.zip
ART4000A/1M ePLAN macro art4000a1m_se_en_100.zip
Data sheet art4000a1m_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol art4000a1m_s_en_101.zip
ART4000AC/1M ePLAN macro art4000ac1m_se_en_100.zip
Data sheet art4000ac1m_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol art4000ac1m_s_en_101.zip
ART4000B/1M Data sheet art4000b1m_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol art4000b1m_s_en_101.zip
ART4000BC/1M Data sheet art4000bc1m_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol art4000bc1m_s_en_101.zip
ART4000F/I2 Drawing symbol art4000fi_s_en_101.zip
Data sheet art4000f_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro art4000fi_se_en_100.zip
AWEB Data sheet aweb_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol aweb_s_en_101.zip
DM-232TOETH Data sheet dm-232toeth_d_en_102.pdf
ePLAN macro dm-232toeth_se_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol dm-232toeth_s_en_101.zip
DM-GSM2 ePLAN macro dm-gsm2_se_en_100.zip
Data sheet dm-gsm2_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol dm-gsm2_s_en_100.zip
DM-MB2ET/A Operation manual dm-mb2eta_g_en_102.pdf
Data sheet dm-mb2eta_d_en_102.pdf
Programmer's guide dm-mb2eta_ms_en_101.pdf
Drawing symbol dm-mb2eta_s_en_100.zip
ePLAN macro dm-mb2eta_se_en_100.zip
DM-MPBUS Operation manual dm-mpbus_g_en_104.pdf
Data sheet dm-mpbus_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro dm-mpbus_se_en_100.zip
DM-OT Operation manual dm-ot_g_en_103.pdf
ePLAN macro dm-ot_se_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol dm-ot_s_en_101.zip
Data sheet dm-ot_d_en_100.pdf
DMM-MPBUS Operation manual dmm-mpbus_g_en_101.pdf
Data sheet dmm-mpbus_d_en_100.pdf
DMM-OT ePLAN macro dmm-ot_se_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol dmm-ot_s_en_100.zip
Data sheet dmm-ot_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual dmm-ot_g_en_100.pdf

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