AMR-CP4x – Control system

Control units of the series AMR-CP4x are used as communication centres and freely programmable control systems with remote inputs/outputs. This control system features Ethernet interface (two connectors with the switch function), RS232 and RS485 with galvanic isolation. It is made with an integrated GSM modem and wireless interface of the Poseidon 868 MHz system. An embedded web server allows us to create a web presentation and save long-term data to the SD card.

The series AMR-CP4x is designed for mounting on 35 mm DIN rail and it has power supply 24 V DC. Higher memory capacity (FLASH and RAM) allows us to implement more extensive application programmes and use the unit both as a full-fledged control system without its own inputs/outputs.

After implementing the web server application, AMR-CP40 replaces the AWEB unit, the application is available for download.



2× Ethernet (switch)
1× RS485 (GI)
1× RS232
1× Poseidon 868 MHz – optional

1× GSM modem – optional

 RAM and RTC backup Yes
 Memory card slot Micro SD
 Ingress protection rate IP30
 Mounting On 35 mm DIN rail
Power supply 19.2 V DC to 28.8 V DC
Dimensions (w × h × d)  (106 × 99 × 62) mm

Production variants:

 AMR-CP40/DM 2× Ethernet, RS485, RS232, SD 
 AMR-CP42/DM 2× Ethernet, RS485, RS232, SD, GSM
 AMR-CP44/DM 2× Ethernet, RS485, RS232, SD, Poseidon
 AMR-CP46/DM 2× Ethernet, RS485, RS232, SD, Poseidon, GSM


Document File
AMR-CP40/DM RevA Drawing symbol
ePLAN macro
Data sheet amr-cp40dm_reva_d_en_102.pdf
AMR-CP42/DM RevA Drawing symbol
ePLAN macro
Data sheet amr-cp42dm_reva_d_en_102.pdf
AMR-CP44/DM RevA Drawing symbol
ePLAN macro
Data sheet amr-cp44dm_reva_d_en_102.pdf
AMR-CP46/DM RevA Drawing symbol
ePLAN macro
Data sheet amr-cp46dm_reva_d_en_102.pdf
AMR-CP4x/DM RevA Operation manual amr-cp4xdm_reva_g_en_103.pdf
AWEB app Instalation file

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