Update of prices (4/2021)

Notes and further information about new prices (valid from April 2021): discontinued production of DM(M)-OT a DM(M)-MPBUS two new products – DM-OT2 and DM-MPBUS2 – that fully replace the abovementioned older versions of communication converters [...]

AWDet ver. 1.10.5

What’s new in version 1.10.5 Minor bug fixes and corrections Fixed an issue with checking for a new version of AWDet Revision of the AWDet help Get the current AWDet version!  

We test all employees twice a week

At AMiT, antigen testing for Covid-19 has been launched today and will be performed twice a week. This was implemented to try to prevent the spread of the disease among employees as much as possible. AMiT has already transferred some employees to the [...]

ViewDet ver. 1.3.3

What’s new in version 1.3.3 NEW: New “Idle time” parameter for archiving controls. FIX: Fixed issues with automatic online checking of new versions. FIX: Revision and corrections of the English language variant. Other minor enhancements… Download [...]

LookDet ver. 4.0.10

We released the long-awaited update (ver. 4.0.10) to our cloud-based supervisory system LookDet! LookDet 4.0.10 requires Ubuntu 18.04 to function. Administrators of concerned servers were already informed about how to proceed with upgrading both the [...]