A project to support automation teaching at secondary schools

The project AMiTsys Junior came to existence in spring 2000, motivated by the effort to actively contribute to improvement of quality of teaching and equipment in classrooms at secondary vocational schools using modern technology from the field of industrial automation and therefore to take a part of the responsibility for education of young experts.

The goal of the project is to support building of professional classrooms at selected secondary schools. The 13 participant schools are expected to adopt an active approach and to submit a project on the use of the classroom both within the school’s own teaching activities as well as for other activities such as extracurricular professional hobby clubs, re-qualification courses, hosting professional seminars, etc.


AMiTsys Expert: In early 2002, the AMiT company started a competition for secondary school students to tackle professional tasks in these classrooms, beyond their standard studies. The competition has been taking place annually for 15 years and the company rewards authors of the three best works with financial prizes. Moreover, selected authors also receive an AMiT certificate declaring their proficiency in the field of control systems and their parametrisation.

The project may for example entail a solution of a specific automation task, manufacturing of a demonstration device for the use of AMiT control systems in teaching, creating a study documentation, etc. A part of the project must always concern AMiT control systems parametrisation (a control algorithm, a sample application, sample fragments for teaching, etc.).

We offer a possibility of cooperation with professional schools and universities – do not hesitate to contact us at amit@amitomation.com