Remote input/output modules

Remote input and output modules are used to expand the number of inputs and outputs the control system has at its disposal and to connect remote signals, thus making considerable cost savings on cabling. Moreover, connecting signals to extension modules in the location where the signals emanate increases interference resistance mainly in analogue signals. The values are transferred to the control system via secure communication protocol and therefore cannot be distorted.

The control systems’ CPU units are usually so powerful that they have no difficulty in managing many more inputs and outputs than can be physically connected to the control system. The best value can be achieved by using extension modules which are cheaper than control systems.

AMiT offers a number of I/O modules in its AMRIO series that support both ARION and MODBUS RTU communication protocols. The modules can be single-type (one type of I/O signal) or combined. Moreover, all types of modules are produced with a wider range of operating temperatures (-20 to 70°C).

Modules of the AMRIO series completely replace modules of the DM-xx (ARION communication protocol) and DMM-xx (MODBUS RTU communication protocol) series.