AMRIO – Programmable I/O modules

The new AMRIO series of programmable I/O modules is a full-featured replacement of the DMM-xx series. Only the DMM-DO18 has been replaced by AMRIO-DO21 with three additional digital outputs. The DMM-PDO6NI6 and DMM-AO8U do not have a direct replacement [...]


AMRIO – Remote Input/Output Modules The AMRIO series input/output extension modules are used to easily extend I/O signals of control systems. Modules from this series feature both ARION and MODBUS RTU communication protocols – the selection of the [...]


DMM-xx modules of remote I/O with MODBUS protocol The MODBUS protocol, along with AMiT’s control systems, is suitable for use in situations requiring communication with the equipment of other companies. If an AMiT-produced control system needs to be [...]


DM-xx modules of remote I/O with ARION protocol The extension modules of the DM-xx series with ARION protocol have their own ‘intelligence’ – they are able to detect when communication is cut off and set the output signals to a pre-defined [...]
i/o modules

Remote inputs/outputs

Remote input/output modules Remote input and output modules are used to expand the number of inputs and outputs the control system has at its disposal and to connect remote signals, thus making considerable cost savings on cabling. Moreover, connecting [...]