AMiNi5D – New PLC, time-proven concept

The most exciting news of 2023 is this new PLC AMiNi5D! There is no doubt about it’s bright future, since it’s the next generation of the most sold AMiT PLC ever – AMiNi4DW2. With this in mind, AMiNi5D configuration and design makes it direct and full-fledged replacement of AMiNi4DW2. What’s new then?

Big upgrade is that AMiNi5D features beautiful 2″ colour graphic TFT IPS display with 320 x 240 resolution and 8 keys for easy operation. This gives the integrator way more options to display important process details. Another improvement is the input frequency – four of the digital inputs can now operate as counter inputs up to impressive 200 kHz! Analogue inputs support stadard signal range (U / I / Ni1000 / Pt1000), however, it is also possible to connect NTC temperature sensors directly!

You can place AMiNi5D basically anywhere and not be afraid of the enviroment – the operational temperature ranges from -20 up to 70 °C!


For more technical details feel free to ask our highly qualified sales team or you can contact directly the wisest of all – AMiT technical support. Looking forward to many successful projects together with you, us and AMiT AMiNi5D!