AMiNi5D – New PLC, time-proven concept

The most exciting news of 2023 is this new PLC AMiNi5D! There is no doubt about it’s bright future, since it’s the next generation of the most sold AMiT PLC ever – AMiNi4DW2. With this in mind, AMiNi5D configuration and design makes it [...]

Measuring relative humidity with AMR-OP60(RH)

The AMR-OP60 on-wall controllers were the last series of AMiT products that featured an ambient temperature sensor but no relative humidity sensor. This feature was incorporated into the controller and we are happy to introduce the upgraded AMR-OP60RH [...]

AMR-FCT20 – The new Fan Coil unit controller

Universal controller of Fan Coil units AMR-FCT20 Fan Coil unit controller, the newest addition to our portfolio, replaces two current controllers – AMR-FCT10 and AMR-IRC20 – both in terms of their parameters and their functionality. This device is a [...]


AMR-FCT20 – HVAC controller The AMR-FCT20/DM programmable controller for independent control of room temperature was designed to control Fan-Coil units, chilled beams, ceiling heating systems, radiator-based heating systems, VAV systems and their [...]

Recommended documentation – Application note AP0061

AMiT HW programming and communication methods AMiT company continuously develops control systems and programmable controllers in order to bring new and innovated products to the market. All new products are created within a given context through the use [...]

AMR-CP40 – Control system without I/O

With the release of the new development environment version DetStudio ver. 2.0, certain control units type AMREG acquired properties of classic control systems. Moreover, programming these units became much more simple, effective and comfortable. This new [...]

AMR-CP40 – Universal communication unit

AMR-CP40 – A unit with wireless communication and GSM With its concept, the unit AMR-CP40 follows its older sibling AMR-CP20. However, it is designed for mounting on a DIN rail and requires power supply 24 V DC. As far as communication abilities are [...]

AMR-CP2x with GSM module

The AMR-CP2x communication unit, frequently used as a communication gateway in the wireless system Poseidon 868 MHz, is now available also in a variant featuring a GSM modem. At the moment, it only supports transmission and reception of SMS. TheAMR-CP2x [...]

Poseidon – Wireless system

Poseidon – 868 MHz wireless system The Poseidon wireless system is a product of the Czech company ENIKA.CZ, which has more than 20 years of experience with the development and production of RF systems. The new system takes into account the [...]