AMR-FCT20 – The new Fan Coil unit controller

Universal controller of Fan Coil units

AMR-FCT20 - Fan Coil unit controllerAMR-FCT20 Fan Coil unit controller, the newest addition to our portfolio, replaces two current controllers – AMR-FCT10 and AMR-IRC20 – both in terms of their parameters and their functionality. This device is a universal automation element – it can control not only Fan Coil units but also ceiling systems for heating and cooling, heat radiator systems and variable air volume units (VAV). Just like the previous controllers, it can be directly connected with freely programmable on-wall controllers along with their power supply. AMR-FCT20 is meant to be incorporated into a network of automation units to form a whole BMS (Building Management System). The operation of this system then ensures, among other things, temperature comfort and otherwise healthy environment in the controlled rooms.

As opposed to the current controllers, AMR-FCT20 was designed with a 35 mm DIN rail mounting. On the other hand, it still retains a 230 V AC power supply requirement. Apart from the standard RTD inputs for temperature sensors, the unit newly supports NTC sensors. Active controls are controlled with triacs, relays or by using analogue output signals. Two RS485 communication lines serve as the connection to local on-wall controllers, to the superior control system (e. g. the system for the given floor) or to a communication central unit via the MODBUS RTU protocol.

Fan Coil units stock control algorithms

One of the most significant changes is hidden inside the AMR-FCT20 – at the firmware level. The controller is pre-loaded with basic control algorithms for control of two- and four-pipe Fan Coil units or ceiling systems. We tried to take all the standard requirements of our clients into consideration while designing these algorithms – they should be able to cover the requirements of most building management projects. To cover the rest of the projects, the device still accepts custom applications created in the EsiDet editor of the DetStuduio IDE. Even after a custom programme was loaded into the device, it can be replaced by the stock application firmware that is available on our website.

Fast configuration of control algorithms

AppConfig - parameterisation of AMiT company stock applicationsTo configure the AMR-FCT20 stock application (algorithms) parameters, there is the new AppConfig configuration application. This simple portable (=no need for installation) tool helps the technician in quickly detecting the controllers on the RS485 line and in configuring the parameters of the present algorithms. The values set In the algorithms can be archived and, potentially, used for configuring controllers for similar tasks. AppConfig is available on our website for free.

The AMiT company uses AppConfig as a universal parameterisation tool for devices with a predefined, stock application. Settings of each stock application are defined with an external configuration file. For our partners, we offer the option of creating custom configuration files for their type solutions. This will allow them to quickly and easily change the configuration of device parameters used in their project. The details of AppConfig usage are in the programme documentation.

To all those who would like to see the capabilities for themselves, we offer test units of the AMR-FCT20 Fan Coil unit controller alongside the AppConfig application – please, get in touch with your AMiT sales representative to get more information about the product and to arrange a loan of a test unit or a price offer suited for your projects.

AMR-FCT20 - HVAC and Fan Coil unit controller