Industrial Communication Support

The concept of the DB-Net/IP information support is based on maximum support of control systems communication abilities. Praktically all AMiT control systems and programmable controllers provide sufficient variability for connecting external devices and for data transmission between stations and superior computers.


AMiT control systems can be interconnected in the following basic ways:

  • communication line RS485
  • communication line RS232 (point-to-point only)
  • industrial Ethernet (DB-Net/IP)
  • Intranet, Internet (DB-Net/IP)
  • modem transmission (telephone, radio, GSM)

Connection through the line RS485 represents standard industrial communication. Up to 32 stations can be connected to a single RS485 line; total segment length must not exceed 1,200 m. However, a suitable use of repeaters allows to prolong this distance to up to 6,000 m and even to create complex structures.

Supported communications and protocols on the control system level:

An overview of all verified communications and implemented connections to specific devices is available in the AMiT forum. The overview is continuously updated, also with links to sample solutions of industrial communications.