Plug-in modules for control systems

Plug-in modules are an effective solution for extending the capabilities of control systems and HMIs. These modules plug into sockets built into the devices. They are accessible after detaching the cover (see instructions in the operation manual for the given piece of HW). There are two categories of plug-in modules – communication modules and modules for extending I/O signals. They are further distinguished by the type of a socket they are compatible with:

Series Module types Systémy
EM-xx communication: EM-RS232, EM-RS485, EM-CAN AMR-OP83, AMR-OP87/V
EMW-xx wireless communication: EMW-GSM AMR-OP87/V
AM-xx communication: AM-RS232, AMR-RS485, AM-CAN, AM-MBUS

analogue outputs: AM-AO2U, AM-AO2I

AMAP99W3, AMiRiS99W3
CM-xx communication: CM-RS232, CM-RS485, CM-CAN ACOS200
AW-xx wireless communication: AW-P868A AMR-OP87/P