ViewDet – Service tool for application debugging

ViewDet is an autonomous service tool for Windows. It complements and extends the possibilities of the DetStudio development environment in terms of application monitoring, debugging and setting in the control system. The programme can also be used as a simple visualisation to a limited extent.

Its basic feature is the option of reading and writing of individual values of database variables and aliases (essentially the same possibilities as in “watch” in DetStudio). Furthermore, ViewDet is able to read, display, print and export archive and operation logs from the control system as well as remember their history.

Archives can either be displayed in the form of a chart or a diagram. Other features include creation and display of archives emerging directly in PC by a periodic reading of certain values from the process station. The variables displayed can be placed deliberately in a so-called “scene” with a pre-defined background picture – a very simple visualisation can be thus created. The locks prevent the user from making unwanted changes to variables and ViewDet display parameterspozadí. ViewDet also allows complete editing of IP configurations of stations connected to the industrial Ethernet.

Main ViewDet benefits include:

  • the option to gather display objects in scenes, fast toggling between scenes
  • scene background
  • static text and variable
  • easy editing of time plans by means of the graphic method
  • the communication period can be set for each element individually
  • user and admin modes – protection against unwanted changes
  • support for aliases
  • printing scenes and elements
  • exports of archived data
  • download of the user application into the control system including the option of backup and renewed variable contents
  • a well-arranged project design window
  • multiple communication profiles with easy switching
  • batch synchronization of control systems’ time


System requirements:

  • MS Windows environment supporting the Microsoft .NET platform (see below).
  • Installed package Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0
  • 10 MB free disk space for the actual ViewDet application.
  • Another approx. 10 MB free disk space for temporary files during the installation.
  • Administrator rights granted during the installation (for copying and registration of system components and DLL).


Installation procedure:

Download the file.

Save the file into any directory on your harddrive.

Run the installation file in this directory and follow the instructions of the installation programme.

A computer restart may be required.

If you have installed a previous ViewDet version, we recommned you uninstall the old version first and backup the project data (.mdb files).


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ViewDet Instalation file

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Document File
ViewDet Instalation file

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