Cloud supervisory system

The LookDet supervisory visualisation system represents a completely new concept in supervisory control and data collection (a SCADA system). It is basically a “cloud” solution – a powerful programme, environmental parameters and data measurement are placed on a safe server accessible via website or a local area network (LAN). Users only need an ordinary web browser to use it on their PC, tablet or smart phone. Control systems and meter devices communicate with the supervisory system server via secure protocol. The number of devices connected is limited only by the server capacity, nothing else.


LookDet schema



Main solution functions

  • integration of technological elements
  • collection, monitoring and long-term archiving of data from control systems and measuring devices
  • remote access to current values of the controlled technology
  • monitoring alarm statuses in technologies, watching the process of solving alarm situations
  • data analysis of measured and calculated values

Whom is LookDet designed for

  • dispatchers, supervisors and administrators of extensive technological and energy complexes
  • installation, integration and maintenance companies
  • facility managers
  • owners of building and production facilities for fast orientation in the operation efficiency of their property or enterprises
  • data and business intelligence analysts

Examples of use

  • energy and control system for cities and municipalities
  • building management system for hotels, conference and concert halls
  • building automation and energy system for office buildings
  • remote control and supervision system for winter stadiums
  • energy management for chain stores
  • remote supervision system for water and waste water treatment facilities
  • energy metering and energy management systems in enterprises
  • energy efficiency system for lighting control in office spaces, industrial and storage spaces
  • supervision of healthy indoor environment in schools and public places
  • district heating and energy distribution


How does it work

  • This is not a rental of cloud space provided as a service; it is an autonomous server solution with access via standard web interface which does not require installation of any user application/client. The server and all data are owned by the server provider. The LookDet supervisory system can be set up also within a closed information network of a company, building or any organization.
  • The licence policy is not based on the number of data points but only on the number of control systems and user accounts connected. The server provider can handle and manage them arbitrarily.
  • The server application operation does not require any other continuous costs. The number of user accounts in the system is not limited.
  • The administrator is able to create and change a specific supervisory application at any time without any programming skills, basic functions are parametrized via configuration forms in a web browser on any computer.
  • The supervisory server strictly uses standard and verified IT technologies. The core is OS Linux with SQL database and web server Apache.
  • Knowledge of programming in php, javascript and html with CSS support allows the users to change and extend the function properties of the supervisory application easily and with virtually no limitations, without even turning the server applications off or limiting its functionality.
  • Control systems send data to the server asynchronously, the server can also acquire data upon query. The amount of data sent is limited only by the server capacity. Control systems can be connected via both static and dynamic IP addresses.
  • A single server is able to operate any number of logically separated supervisory applications using so called localities. Data from one locality is not accessible to users from another locality. It is not necessary to install a new server for each supervisory implementation.
  • Energy data is read directly and easily from metering devices using the M-Bus protocol with a converter to Ethernet.
  • The LookDet supervisory system is mainly designed for use with AMiT control systems, but it is also able to connect systems by other producers.


LookDet - pricing policy

Simple LookDet licencing policy

  • basic licence of the supervisory system – a single installation of the system
  • basic licence contains 1 locality, 5 stations, 5 users, 10 M-Bus devices
  • licences can be added or extended for localities, connected control systems, M-Bus devices and users
  • a theoretically unlimited number of users and connected stations, the only limit is the server performance and connectivity
  • licence can be expanded via web browser