DM-485TO485A – RS485 repeater

The RS485 communication line repeater for 35 mm rail mounting supports automatic transfer switching at transmission rates from 2.4 kbps to 115.2 kbps.  The line status is indicated by LEDs. The RS485 lines are galvanically isolated, the converter is powered by a 24 V DC source.  The operating temperature range is -40 °C to 70 °C.


Conversion type RS485 <-> RS485 
Mounting 35 mm DIN rail
Direction control Automated
Transmission rate 2,4 to 115,2 kbps
Galvanic isolation Yes
Overvoltage protection Yes – 600 W Transil
No. of stations per RS485 segment 256
Power supply 10 V DC to 35 V DC
Dimensions (w × h × d) (54 × 92 × 61) mm
Document File
DM-485TO485A Data sheet dm-485to485a_d_en_100.pdf
Operation manual dm-485to485a_g_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol
ePLAN macro

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