AWDet – control systems web presentation editor

awdet - web presentation editorThe AWDet parameterisation environment makes it very easy to create web presentations (simple visualisations) of control systems and units with an integrated web server. AWDet allows the user to make up websites from pre-made components using a WYSIWYG system (what you see is what you get), to generate compiled websites into a form that can be processed by a web server and store the websites into control systems and units with integrated web servers.



Website creation

  • an intuitive WYSIWYG editor
  • a set of pre-defined components for website design
  • abundant options for component properties settings
  • import of variables and communication parameters from projects created in DetStudio
  • importer of pictures for the administration of graphic elements used and website optimisation
  • sending e-mails (reports, archives, etc.) based on the process variable values
  • recording values of selected variables (logging) on an SD card with the option of remote reading via FTP access
  • development environment and training free of charge

Communication with control systems and web servers

  • intuitive environment for configuration of units and control systems with a web server
  • easy transfer of a finished project into a selected server
  • option to work Offline – generating a project into a directory in the PC with a subsequent manual transfer


The AWDet design environment is distributed free of charge!



Recommended PC configuration:

  • MS Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 10 (32bit, 64bit)
  • screen resolution at least 1024×768
  • .NET Framework 4.0 and higher
  • a network interface controller


AWDet installation procedure:

Download the AWDet installation file and run it. Then continue according to the installation guide. The required free disk space is approximately 35 MB.


Document File
AWDetSetup Instalation file

Obsolete files

Document File
AWDetSetup Instalation file

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