• we have more than 25 years of experience in the field of development and production of industrial electronics
  • we are a development and manufacturing company, we are not a technology integrator or supplier
  • we take pride in our individual approach to customers; for us, a customer is a partner and we provide them with full, high-quality technical support
  • our R&D department knows our own production perfectly and we enjoy the great advantage of having our development and manufacturing under one roof
  • we test all products in accordance with the current European norms in our own testing laboratory
  • we stand by the quality of our products, we are able to assess the reliability of the products we operate
  • our success depends on 150 employees of our company who work with the state-of-the-art technology
  • we have more than 10,000 implemented solutions in 54 countries of the world under our belt
  • we have developed our own development and programming environment with original functions and features
  • we regularly hold professional training and seminars at our company facilities, free of charge
  • we have a unique open communication protocol with encryption and a multimaster-multislave mode
  • we are the leaders and visionaries in our field, and that is why we seek the best partners to cooperate with on interesting projects all around the world


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years of experience
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