EM-xx plug-in modules for control systems and HMIs

The EM-xx series of plug-in modules are used to expand connectivity capabilities of HMIs and control systems, e.g., AMR-OP83 or AMR-OP87/V. These communication modules plug into the mini PCIe slots located on the main board of control systems or HMIs accessible after dismounting the cover (see the operation manual of a given piece of HW).


EM-xx communication modules

EM-RS485 A galvanically isolated RS485 interface module
EM-RS232 RS232 interface module
EM-CAN CAN bus module
EM-MBUS5 M-Bus interface module (Master) for up to 5 units 


Document File
EM-CAN Data sheet em-can_d_en_100.pdf
EM-MBUS5 Data sheet em-mbus5_d_en_100.pdf
EM-RS232 Data sheet em-rs232_d_en_100.pdf
EM-RS485 Data sheet em-rs485_d_en_100.pdf

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