DM-232TO485 – RS232/RS485 line converter

The DM-232TO485 communication line converter is available for 35 mm rail mounting. The converter supports both automated and controlled switching of transfer direction with maximum transmission rate of 115 kBd. The line direction RS485 is galvanically isolated and equipped with circuits for soft overvoltage protection. The line status is indicated by LEDs. The communication converter is powered by a 24 V DC source.


Conversion type RS232 <-> RS485
Mounting  35 mm DIN rail
Direction control RTS signal / non RTS / automated
Transmission rate 0 to 115 kBd
Galvanic isolation Yes
Overvoltage protection Yes – 600 W suppressor diodes
Line status indication Power, Tx, Rx, En (active line)
Power supply 10 V DC to 35V DC

Dimensions (w×h×d)

(36 × 91 × 73) mm


DM-232TO485 Basic design
DM-232TO485C 250 µs switching time
DM-232TO485V With 5 V power supply
Document File
DM-232TO485 Data sheet dm-232to485_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol
ePLAN macro
DM-232TO485V Data sheet dm-232to485v_d_en_100.pdf

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