M-Bus in the control system

The industrial M-Bus is probably the most widely used data bus for monitoring and measuring heating, water, gas and electricity systems. AMiT offers an external DM-MBUS64 communication converter for connecting this bus to control systems, which can connect up to 64 slave devices. For the AMR-OP83 and AMR-OP87/V control systems, we have developed a much easier solution to connect the M-Bus using the EM-MBUS5 expansion module from the EM-xx product line.

As the name implies, the module can serve up to 5 M-Bus Slave devices in the Master function. Although the bus nominally requires a 36 VDC power supply, in this case you can make do with the 24 VDC power supply you use to power the control system itself for the M-Bus interface. This considerably simplifies the entire implementation of the bus at the measuring point and thus makes it cheaper.

By combining the AMR-OP83 operator control panel and the EM-MBUS5 communication module, you get one of the most efficient local M-Bus measuring devices. In this context, please note the software support in the DetStudio development environment and do not overlook application note AP0062 – M-Bus communication.