M-Bus in the control system

The industrial M-Bus is probably the most widely used data bus for monitoring and measuring heating, water, gas and electricity systems. AMiT offers an external DM-MBUS64 communication converter for connecting this bus to control systems, which can [...]

AMR-OP87/V – New PLC HMI from the OP87 family

AMR-OP87/V is the newest version of a very successful AMR-OP87 series, featuring numerous innovatios and upgrades. What are they? 1. Minimalistic front panel design Front panel features simple design without any logos, graphic features or LEDs. The [...]

EMW plug-in modules

EMW-xx plug-in wireless modules for control systems The EMW-xx series modules extend the communication capabilities of control systems and operator control panels with wireless and GSM communication. The communication modules plug into the mini PCIe [...]

AMR-OP87/V – Programmable graphic HMI

AMR-OP87/V – Programmable graphic 7″ HMI Freely programmable control system with 7″ HMI AMR-OP87/V is a very versatile device. Not only is it possible to view process information thanks to 7″ display with 800 × 480 resolution, but [...]

AMR-OP87/P – Programmable graphic HMI

AMR-OP87 – Graphic control HMI 7″ Progammable HMI / Control system AMR-OP87/P is designed to be mounted on a wall using standardized KU 68 component. Likewise AMR-OP87, which is designed for switchboard cabined door mounting, it features 7″ [...]

AMR-OP83 – unusually small, yet unusually useful

Good things come in small packages Flexible and universal – the main features of the new control system, AMR-OP83. It is one of the most compact control systems AMiT manufactures, yet it doesn’t lack functionality or flexibility. Let’s explore [...]

AMR-OP83 – graphic

AMR-OP83 – a compact graphic control HMI The freely programmable HMI / control system AMR-OP83 ranks among the smallest control systems manufactured by the AMiT company. Despite its size, AMR-OP83 offers complete control functionality comparable to other [...]

EM plug-in modules

EM-xx plug-in modules for control systems and HMIs The EM-xx series of plug-in modules are used to expand connectivity capabilities of HMIs and control systems, e.g., AMR-OP83 or AMR-OP87/V. These communication modules plug into the mini PCIe slots [...]

DM-ESW05 – Industrial-grade Ethernet switch

A new addition to our family of communication converters is the industrial-grade 5-port Ethernet switch DM-ESW05. The switch is intended to be used inside a switchboard, mounted on a 35 mm DIN rail and connected to a 24 V DC supply. Aside from that, take [...]

Module AW-P868A – Closer to wireless communication

Graphic control operator panel AMR-OP87/Pxx, one of the latest innovations, is ready for the wireless world. After the communication module AW-P868A was implemented, it provides access to all transmitters and receivers of Poseidon 868 MHz wireless system. [...]