DM-ESW05 – Industrial-grade Ethernet switch

A new addition to our family of communication converters is the industrial-grade 5-port Ethernet switch DM-ESW05. The switch is intended to be used inside a switchboard, mounted on a 35 mm DIN rail and connected to a 24 V DC supply. Aside from that, take [...]

Module AW-P868A – Closer to wireless communication

Graphic control operator panel AMR-OP87/Pxx, one of the latest innovations, is ready for the wireless world. After the communication module AW-P868A was implemented, it provides access to all transmitters and receivers of Poseidon 868 MHz wireless system. [...]

AW-P868A wireless communication module

AW-P868A – module for wireless communication via Poseidon 868 MHz Plug-in module AW-P868A allows direct connection of wireless controls of the system Poseidon 868 MHz in selected AMiT products. Its implementation does not require any external [...]

AMR-OP87/P – Ready for on-wall mounting

Although the graphic terminal/control system AMR-OP87 is designed for industrial use, it has found its way into interior installation in non-industrial buildings. Unfortunately, its design was not meant for mounting in switchboard doors, it is not a [...]

ART4000W3 – verified concept returns

ART4000W3 – new CPU, new possibilities Once one of the most popular control systems, ART4000 has had virtually no changes in its properties and configuration since its first production. This control operator panel with integrated inputs/outputs, [...]

AMR-OP84 – Graphic HMI

AMR-OP84 – Graphic HMI 4.3″ The AMR-OP84 is a smaller version of AMR-OP87. It shares the same functions, the only difference is a smaller 4.3″ graphic (16-bit colours) touchscreen with 480 × 272 pixel resolution. The AMR-OP84 is an HMI, but it can [...]

AMR-OP87 – Programmable graphic HMI

AMR-OP87 – Graphic control HMI 7″ The AMR-OP87 programmable HMI / control system is pleasant to use even in places with high standards of operator comfort thanks to its high-performance processor and sufficient memory (2+16 MB Flash, 4 MB RAM). It [...]

APT1000G – text panel HMI

APT1000G – Text terminal 4×20 characters, RS232/RS485 The . Front panel IP55 protection of the terminal provides for reliable performance in standard industrial conditions. The backlit LCD display with adjustable backlight intensity and contrast [...]

APT130 – text panel HMI

APT130 – Text terminal 4×20 characters The APT130(F) industrial terminal has been developed for the AMiRiS99S and AMAP99S control systems. It uses the special parallel lines implemented with these systems. Preserving all technical and utility [...]