Freely-programmable control systems

The freely programmable control systems by the AMiT company are suitable for all applications of the so-called small and medium automation particularly in the field of building automation, technological complex management, energy industry or heating for cities and municipalities. Thanks to their sometimes unique features, these control systems represent a perfect choice in terms of price/performance ratio. Our control systems are highly reliable, as testified by thousands of applications implemented all over the world.

All control systems are very easily connectable into the DB-Net/IP information system developed by the AMiT company; however, they can be as easily integrated with systems by other manufacturers by means of MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP communication. A wide range of supported communication protocols serve to connect other devices as well, for example, controllers or sensors; the user protocol is easily parametrizable. Programming and parametrization of our devices are unified in our development environment called DetStudio.

AMiT control systems can be classified into the following categories.

Compact systems and control HMIs

DI DO AI AO Interfaces Display
ADiR (6) 8 (6) RS232, RS485 2×8 characters, 6 keys
AMiNi-ES 8 8 4 RS232, RS485, Ethernet
AMiNi4W2 8 8 8 4 RS232, RS485, Ethernet, SD, web server
AMiNi4DW2 8 8 8 4 RS232, RS485, Ethernet, SD, web server 122×32 pixels, 8 keys
AMiNi5D 8 8 8 4 RS232, RS485, Ethernet, SD, web server 320×240 pixels, 8 keys
AMR-CP4x RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Poseidon 868 MHz, SD, web server
ART4000W3 8 8 8 2 RS232, RS485, Ethernet, SD, webserver 4×20 characters, 27 keys
AMiRiS99W3 16 16 8 4 RS232, Ethernet, (RS485 / CAN / M-Bus), SD, web server
AMAP99W3 24 23 15 6 RS232, Ethernet, (RS485 / CAN / M-Bus), SD, web server
ACOS200 32 32 16 8 RS232, RS485, Ethernet, (RS232 / RS485 / CAN), SD, web server


ADiS – modular system

  • central processing unit
  • input/output modules
  • communication modules
  • special modules