AMR-FCT20 – The new Fan Coil unit controller

Universal controller of Fan Coil units AMR-FCT20 Fan Coil unit controller, the newest addition to our portfolio, replaces two current controllers – AMR-FCT10 and AMR-IRC20 – both in terms of their parameters and their functionality. This device is a [...]

DM-ESW05 – Industrial-grade Ethernet switch

A new addition to our family of communication converters is the industrial-grade 5-port Ethernet switch DM-ESW05. The switch is intended to be used inside a switchboard, mounted on a 35 mm DIN rail and connected to a 24 V DC supply. Aside from that, take [...]

Recommended documentation – Application note AP0061

AMiT HW programming and communication methods AMiT company continuously develops control systems and programmable controllers in order to bring new and innovated products to the market. All new products are created within a given context through the use [...]

AMRIO – Programmable I/O modules

The new AMRIO series of programmable I/O modules is a full-featured replacement of the DMM-xx series. Only the DMM-DO18 has been replaced by AMRIO-DO21 with three additional digital outputs. The DMM-PDO6NI6 and DMM-AO8U do not have a direct replacement [...]

Notice of production discontinuation (3/2019)

In March 2019, production of the following products has been discontinued: DM-MB2ET/A – this product can be replaced with the converter DM-DI4MB2ET AD-IRC2 – there is no recommended replacement for this product DM-232TOETH – last items [...]

AMR-CP40 – Control system without I/O

With the release of the new development environment version DetStudio ver. 2.0, certain control units type AMREG acquired properties of classic control systems. Moreover, programming these units became much more simple, effective and comfortable. This new [...]


AMR-CP4x – Control system Control units of the series AMR-CP4x are used as communication centres and freely programmable control systems with remote inputs/outputs. This control system features Ethernet interface (two connectors with the switch function), [...]

ART4000W3 – verified concept returns

ART4000W3 – new CPU, new possibilities Once one of the most popular control systems, ART4000 has had virtually no changes in its properties and configuration since its first production. This control operator panel with integrated inputs/outputs, [...]

EPLAN macros for download

EPLAN Electric P8 macros We have been gradually complementing our products with EPLAN macros for fast and easy scheme and documentation designing in the design software EPLAN Electric P8. The macros are available for download free of charge, there are [...]