LookDet – Supervisory system

LookDet system concept

  • web server with IP connectivity
  • “cloud” solution for an unlimited number of clients (users and administrators) and connected control systems
  • applications can be separated into so called “locations”  which are completely autonomous, have their own administrators, connected control systems and users
  • control systems actively send data to the server – the best use of data-processing capacity on the server
  • the physical position of the server is not important; it can even be stored in the dedicated hosting server of the internet providers and run remotely


Basic LookDet properties

  • displaying monitored technology in the form of websites
  • access to control system and measurement devices from any place; option to read/write control system data directly
  • information on the status of communication with individual stations
  • predefined graphic elements for displaying and editing data (graphs, time plans, heating curves)
  • exporting data into CSV format, a wide range of options for selection of data to be exported
  • automatic archiving on external disk in a set period
  • freely editable graphic presentation of technology and data collected – easy editing in SVG graphic format (graphic elements library available for free download)
  • secure access to applications and data
  • logging parameter changes per user
  • powerful system for trouble-shooting, records of who received information about the error, when and how it was resolved (e-mail, mobile application, www)
  • users can create a multilingual version both on an environment level and for their own application
  • a user-friendly system for authorization of users and administrators
  • control systems time synchronisation


Server (configuration requirements) 

HW: Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 2 discs (100 GB), external network disk for backing up data
SW: OS Linux Ubuntu, operating SSH, set-up ROOT access

OS Linux version:
Ubuntu server LTS 18.04, 64 bit (LookDet 4.x.x)
Ubuntu server LTS 20.04, 64 bit (LookDet 5.x.x)


Client station

HW: any PC, tablet or mobile telephone
SW: web browser supporting SVG technology



TCP/IP (Internet, LAN/WAN)
Public static IP server address


LookDet system communication options

  • DB-Net/IP (detection on UDP port, active recording/reading station)
  • M-Bus behind a DM-MBUS64
  • Modbus TCP (master)
Document File
LookDet Technical specification lookdet_ts_en_106.pdf
Operation manual lookdet_a_g_en_111.pdf
Operation manual lookdet_u_g_en_111.pdf
Programmer's guide lookdet_ms_en_102.pdf

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