Programmable Controllers AMREG for HVAC

A new generation of freely programmable controllers (PLC) for HVAC and building automation. All AMREG series controllers are freely programmable and give the user the ability to create their own control algorithms, including screen design in units with displays, in the DetStudio development environment. Every single controller is designed for a specific regulation task (HVAC, control of fan coil units, control of heating sources or heat lines, on-wall room control units, etc.) but the specific use and integration into a complex solution are only in the hands of the user algorithm creator, with no restrictions whatsoever. It is advantageous to use programmable room control units for AMREG controllers as these drivers are based on the same programming concept and communication. For standard solutions and commonly used algorithms, there are sample solutions of application programmes freely available for users to use as they are or as an inspiration for original solutions of their own.

All AMREG series controllers support Modbus RTU communication protocol. Controllers with Ethernet also have Modbus TCP/IP and proprietary DB-Net/IP communication protocol. This allows the controllers to be easily integrated with control systems not only from AMiT production but also with systems by other manufacturers.


AMREG series programmable controllers overview

AMR-CU70B, AMR-CU71B graphic display, room temperature,

2× RTD, 2× DO, 1× AO,
1× RS485, 24 V DC

AMR-FCT20 Fan coil units controller, 3× relay, 2× DO 24/230 V AC, 2× RTD/NTC, 3× AO
2× RS485, 230 V AC
AMR-DI2RDO2 flush box module,

2× DI contact, 2x switching relay,
1× RS485, 24 V DC

AMR-UI2RDO2 flush box module / on 35 mm DIN rail,

2× RTD, 2x switching relay,
1× RS485, 24 V DC

AMR-CP24 communication central control unit,

2× Ethernet, 1× RS485, 1× RS232, Poseidon, SD card,
230 V AC



In terms of programming and utilisation, the AMREG series is identical with graphic room controllers – HMIs of the AMR-OPxx series (AMR-OP10, AMR-OP83 and AMR-OP87). They can be used as very flexible devices not only for controlling or displaying data, but also as powerful control systems with internal web servers.