M-Bus in the control system

The industrial M-Bus is probably the most widely used data bus for monitoring and measuring heating, water, gas and electricity systems. AMiT offers an external DM-MBUS64 communication converter for connecting this bus to control systems, which can [...]

DM-OT2 – reworked OpenTherm converter

We decided to completely rework our RS485 to OpenTherm converter. The main motivation was to unify the two versions for two different protocols into a single device. DM-OT2 replaces both DM-OT for the ARION protocol and DMM-OT for the MODBUS RTU protocol. [...]

DM-ESW05 – Industrial-grade Ethernet switch

A new addition to our family of communication converters is the industrial-grade 5-port Ethernet switch DM-ESW05. The switch is intended to be used inside a switchboard, mounted on a 35 mm DIN rail and connected to a 24 V DC supply. Aside from that, take [...]


DM-ESW05 – Ethernet switch DM-ESW05 is an industrial-grade nonconfigurable 5-port Ethernet switch with a 35 mm DIN rail mounting. It supports standard 24 V DC power supply and operates within the temperature range of -40 °C to 70 °C. There are two [...]

Recommended documentation – Application note AP0061

AMiT HW programming and communication methods AMiT company continuously develops control systems and programmable controllers in order to bring new and innovated products to the market. All new products are created within a given context through the use [...]


DM-GSM3 – GSM network modem The DM-GSM3 industrial modem is a standard GSM modem used in AMiT control systems for SMS data transmission. It supports standard AT commands which means it can cooperate with third-party devices as well. We recommend the GSM [...]

Notice of production discontinuation (3/2019)

In March 2019, production of the following products has been discontinued: DM-MB2ET/A – this product can be replaced with the converter DM-DI4MB2ET AD-IRC2 – there is no recommended replacement for this product DM-232TOETH – last items [...]

AW-P868A wireless communication module

AW-P868A – module for wireless communication via Poseidon 868 MHz The AW-P868A plug-in module allows direct connection of wireless controls of the Poseidon 868 MHz system in selected AMiT products. Its implementation does not require any external [...]

A new M-Bus converter for 64 devices

DM-MBUS64 – converter from Ethernet/RS232 to M-Bus for up to 64 devices A microprocessor M-Bus converter for up to 64 devices serves to transfer data via Ethernet or RS232. Apart from transparent modes both on the Ethernet and on the serial line, it [...]