Poseidon – Wireless system

Poseidon – 868 MHz wireless system The Poseidon wireless system is a product of the Czech company ENIKA.CZ, which has more than 20 years of experience with the development and production of RF systems. The new system takes into account the [...]

Industrial Communication Support

Industrial Communication Support The concept of the DB-Net/IP information support is based on maximum support of control systems communication abilities. Praktically all AMiT control systems and programmable controllers provide sufficient variability for [...]


DM-OT2 – The OpenTherm/plus converter The DM-OT2 is a converter of the RS485 interface (with MODBUS RTU or ARION protocol) to the OpenTherm/plus (OT/+) interface. The converter operates as a control unit with the OpenTherm interface in the master role and [...]


DM-MPBUS2 – MP-Bus converter DM-MPBUS2 is a converter of the RS485 interface (MODBUS RTU and ARION protocols) to the MP-Bus interface by the Belimo company. The converter acts as a master in the MP-Bus network. That enables control of up to 8 servo [...]


DM-DI4MB2ET – M-Bus / Ethernet converter with PoE The DM-DI4MB2ET converter is designed especially for remote data reading from measuring devices communicating via an M-Bus line (typically temperature sensors, water meters, electricity meters, etc.). The [...]


DM-485TO485 – RS485 line repeater When implementing more extensive communication systems, it is often necessary to include an RS485 line repeater into the communication route. It enables extending the total length of the communication route (up to [...]


DM-232TO485 – RS232/RS485 line converter The DM-232TO485 communication line converter is available for 35 mm rail mounting. The converter supports both automated and controlled switching of transfer direction with maximum transmission rate of 115 [...]

Communication Converters

Industrial communication converters Communication converters expand function options of AMiT control systems. However, some converters require system support from control systems or programmable controllers in order to work properly. Converters are [...]