Recommended documentation – Application note AP0061

AMiT HW programming and communication methods

AMiT company continuously develops control systems and programmable controllers in order to bring new and innovated products to the market. All new products are created within a given context through the use of current technology. For those reasons, control systems are programmed in two separate programming editors with each system having different communication configuration, not to mention the fact that some solutions have little in common. Our sales and technical support teams frequently answer a set of recurring questions, e.g. whether it is possible to use a GSM modem with a specific system to send texts, how many MODBUS TCP supporting devices can be connected to a given system, which devices communicate via M-Bus, which protocols support Ethernet interface, etc. That is why we decided to publish an overview in the form of an application note – it contains answers to the aforementioned questions and more. It is useful as a quick guide to our systems and components when designing a new project solution. This document is considered canon for every business partner of the AMiT company :)

Download the application note AP0061 – AMiT HW programming and communication methods at the application notes web page (login is required). The document is kept up to date.