Heat source and district heating

  • Venue: Králíky, Moravská street
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Year: 2020 – 2021
  • Segment: district heating systems
  • Implementation partner: VAE a.s.

Renovation of a DH boiler room required implementation of two new hot water condensing boilers each with a power output of 390 kW, a new cogeneration unit (CGU) with a heat power output of 253 kW and electrical power output of 200 kW, a new combined heating manifold and further technical equipment. The total heat output of the plant is 1,033 kW and it is used for providing heat for elementary school premises including the cafeteria, an elementary art school and a kindergarten. After the installation of new equipment, a new low loss header was fitted and the boiler room was connected to the existing heating distribution system. The heat distribution system is equipped with a pressurisation station with a 300-l automatic refill vessel and an 800-l expansion tank. The whole system is connected to a water treatment unit with a demineralisation column with a conductometer. It is a boiler room of II. category (in accordance with Czech National Standard ČSN 07 0703).

The decision to build a new central heating plant was driven by energy efficiency – the main goal was to replace the obsolete gas boilers with a new set of modern boilers and a CGU. The CGU provides a sufficient amount of electricity to almost cover the needs of the school facilities with a minimum overflow into the public distribution network. The produced heat is then distributed to eight newly implemented heat-exchanger sub-stations in individual buildings.

The boiler room operation can be controlled via the HMI implemented in the distribution cabinet or by utilising the supervisory tool (SCADA Promotic) supervised by the operator of the district heating system – Služby Města Králíky s r.o.

Utilised HW:
heat sources: AMAP99W3 + AMR-OP87
builduing heat exchager: 8 x ART4000W3