Decentralisation of heat and steam sources

Venue: Tylex Letovice, a.s. Country: Czech Republic Years: 2019 – 2020 Segment: heating of industrial facilities Implementation partner: TZB Orlová s.r.o. Within the scope of a complete modernisation of heating management of a textile factory, the [...]

Heat source and district heating

Venue: Králíky, Moravská street Country: Czech Republic Year: 2020 – 2021 Segment: district heating systems Implementation partner: VAE a.s. Renovation of a DH boiler room required implementation of two new hot water condensing boilers each with a power [...]

Heat management of the city of Třebíč

Venue: Třebíč Country: Czech Republic Year: from 1995 – present Segment: municipal heat management The city of Třebíč gets its heat supply from the company TTS energo s.r.o., for its households, elementary schools, preschools, the Třebíč hospital, [...]