TouchDet – development with a twist

Imagine you connect to a panel computer of the series APT401xAT using your web browser. You get directly into the development environment in the panel computer and you start defining its functionality and visualisation online. Although you only configure the visualisation screens you designed once, the screens will be available (in the identical form) both on the panel computer display and in the web browser in the form of an autonomous visualisation for users at remote PCs. There is no need to install any development environment – configuration data is retained in the panel computer. Any time you need to make a change, you can just connect from anywhere using the web browser and make it. Anything can be implemented with no knowledge of web technology programming, and even when the device is running, without the necessity to turn it off or without displays frozen due to application upload process. Naturally, you can back up your data to your computer. This is a brief description of TouchDet, the new environment for development and visualisation.

We also offer a variant of offline application development – in this case, it is necessary to install TouchDet on your computer. You can prepare your application in peace, without having to connect to the panel computer, and upload it later using the web browser after the device has been installed.

If TouchDet and the new panel computers sparked your interest, please contact your AMiT sales representative and arrange a presentation or a short practical training.