MS Excel import and export

Tag Database Export #

The tag database can be easily exported into Microsoft Excel. To do so, click on the Export button in the main toolbar. Specify a file name and confirm. A new Microsoft Excel file is created containing the whole tag database.


Once the export file is created, you can open it in MS Excel.


Tag Database Import #

The tag database can be imported from an MS Excel file. It can be useful to keep the tag database in an MS Excel file and import it into myDESIGNER or you can use the MS Excel file as a bridge between your PLC programming software and myDESIGNER to transfer the tag database. To import the tag database from MS Excel, click on the Import button in the main toolbar:


Select a file for import and confirm. The MS Excel file should have all tags in the first sheet in a plain table. The table should have columns with the following names:

Alias Tag@Conn/*Alias Description Unit Format Eng. Unit

Once you import the tags, myDESIGNER will go over your existing tag database. If you import a tag with the same alias as one that is already in the tag database, it will be overwritten.