Write/Set command

Writing Values to PLC (or Database) #

It is possible to configure any graphical object to write new values to the PLC (or database). The ability to toggle a specified bit, write a static predefined value, write any value given by the user, or write any value given from multiple choices from a user-created list are all possible.

There are three types of triggers available for each object, and each of them can write its own dataset. The data can be written using the on Click, on Up, and on Down actions. The on Up and on Down triggers are independent, so you can write two different sets of data with one button at the same time.

  • on Click – Write/Set command will be activated when an object is clicked on
  • on Down – Write/Set command will be activated when an object is pressed (click and hold)
  • on Up – Write/Set command will be activated when an object is released

All three triggers have the same properties.

To use a write/set command, please select the graphical object you want to use for the set/write command and then navigate to Properties -> Write/Set command.

Select either the Click, on Down, or on Up command and click on the “…” button. You will be presented with the Write/Set Settings Dialog:


The dialog window is split into two sections. On the left, there is a Tree View showing all of your set commands in hierarchical order; the right section shows the parameters of the selected set command.

You can assign tag to the set command by simply clicking on “…” or by typing tag as example “H:0” and then confirm by hitting enter, if the tag has limits set in tags database it will ask you if you want to get these limits also into set (As example tag “H:0” have High High limit: 100 and Low Low limit: 10, High: 50, Low: 20 these four limits can be put into “Min [dec]” and Max [dec] column automatically.