Workspace management

All myDESIGNER windows are organized into panes. You can move the windows arbitrarily as the designer remembers the positions of both automatically and manually closed windows until the next time they are opened.

Each window can be dragged away from the workspace and will stay undocked until you dock them again using the key combination Alt+Shift+D. You may resize the windows as well.


Resetting Windows Positions #

If you wish to return all the windows to their default state, use the Reset Windows command from the menu Window –> Reset Windows.



Moving windows #

Click on the window header and drag it to the desired position.

  • Note: The red preview box indicates where the window will appear once you drop it.

moving windows

Automatically Appearing Windows #

Some windows appear only when you are performing a task to which they are related. For example, the Layers window appears only when you are designing a screen view. In the Window menu, you can select which windows will appear automatically.


Useful shortcuts #

Shift + EscapeMaximizes a currently opened window

Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + WCloses all open documents in the Source Editor

Alt + Shift + DPins a detached window to the Main window


Project window #

This window displays a tree structure of all opened projects and the list of devices running mySCADA.

Project (Your project name) #

  • Viewsall HMI screens in a project
  • Layouts – all defined graphical layouts for given project
  • Documents – PDF-documents attached to the project
  • Advanced Trends – trends used with data logs for retrieving online and historical data
  • CAS Alarmshere you can configure the Complex Alarm System
  • Data-logs – configured data-logs
  • Tags Database – managing your tags
  • Connections – PLC connections for a given project
  • Server-side Scripts – user-defined scripts
  • Sounds – associated sounds in MP3 files
  • Users – defined project users


Devices #

List of available devices from/to which you can load a project. Here you can find all iPods, iPhones, iPad Touches, Android devices, Raspberry PI devices, mySCADA Boxes, mySCADA Pros, and server PCs to which you can connect. You can also specify the device manually to access remote network devices. Note that it may take a few minutes to find all devices available in the local network.


Overview Window #

This window shows a preview of the selected view; otherwise, it is blank.


Properties Window #

This window allows access to object and project properties. The properties of specific objects are described in the relevant chapters.


Main Window #

This window is your main working area where the content of all project elements is displayed. It gives you the ability to draw graphic visualizations, change connection details, and alter alarms or trend details. The script editor also uses this window.

main window


These buttons are used to switch between different opened tabs when the tabs do not fit into the main window.


This button expands the list of all opened projects and selects one of them. The arrow next to the project name will point to the project that is currently being displayed.


This button maximizes the main window by docking all other open windows.