Export/Import – Translations

This feature come in handy when you develop a project of huge size and let’s say that you would like to increase the number of languages which your project can have to make it more comfortable for your employees/colleagues/engineers,…


If you click on the project folder itself in myDESIGNER you will see at top toolbar translations icon or you can simply just right-click on the project folder and press “Export Translations”

This will create a .CSV file which will contain all the components, animations, data-logs etc..
Let’s say in the example, that I have made a project in English and I would like it to be more suitable for Czech people so I will add a language to the project.


Now I can see that I have “Text (cs)” on the component itself, but because if I would have a bigger project I just don’t want to click on each component and data-log view etc… It would take a lot of time.

So now I just simply click on “Translation export”

I will select everything (Of course you can just select just some categories not everything).

Then it will ask me where I want to save the file.

And now I can just open the .CSV file.

I will find out what component I would like to add translation to by its id.

And now I can import .CSV file back to myDESIGNER.

And the translation is imported to the component.

Same can be done with Datalog views etc…, please do not try edit and import category names in .csv it could interrupt the process of import and categories with “*” are NOT editable.