Color animation

This animation displays a certain colour when the associated tag is within an acceptable value range. You can enter multiple conditions to achieve multiple colour changes with one animation. The conditions are evaluated from top to bottom; therefore, the bottom condition has a higher priority.

To animate colours based on a discrete (Boolean) value, set Min and Max to 1. This way, an object will change its colour when the linked tag value is equal to 1 (TRUE).

Example #

1. Select the object you want to animate and click on the Color tab in the Anim section in the Properties window and then click on the button.


2. You will see a new dialog window; click on Add and fill in the Tag, Min, and Max You can define multiple conditions. If the tag value is 0, the object will be red; if the value is 1, it will be black. Click on OK to confirm.

Examples of color animations: Buttons, Traffic lights, Fans, Valves, Motors

Specifying the Fill and Stroke #

For each condition (item in the table), you can specify if the condition applies to fill, stroke, or both.