Popup (face plate) window

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Popup Windows allow you to show a new window on top of your current window. The popup window can be useful to show multiple views at once, or you can use popup windows as a Face Plate.

Simply just in open command select pop-up option


Title #

  • The title allows you to set the title of the opened pop-up, the title can have

Location #

The location sets the location on the screen where a new window will pop-up.

  • Default: show window at the centre
  • Absolute: set absolute coordinates of the top left corner
  • Relative: set relative offset to the current mouse position
  • All values are in pixels.

Size #

Size of a newly open window

  • Default: the original size of the window. A window will be shown with the same resolution as is defined in the designer.
  • Scaled: scale window to the given percentage
  • User-Defined: specify new dimensions of the opened window
  • Resizable if the resizable option is checked user can resize the pop-up window by simply dragging its edges by the cursor.
  • All values are in pixels.

Options #

  • Modal – modal will allow/disallow the user to click on content behind the pop-up (User will be able to click only on the opened pop-up until he closes the pop-up).
  • Top bar – will hide or show the top bar.
  • Close button – If there will be a close button displayed.
  • You can adjust the title colour or text colour.