Using JavaScript libraries – Includes

You can easily use your JavaScript libraries in your project. You simply can create your own library or include any JavaScript JavaScript library found on the internet. All the JavaScript resources are included in two folders in your project:

  • js – all JavaScript sources
  • CSS – all CSS sources

You can directly add all your library files into those two folders. myDESIGNER will find then automatically, and you can use them anywhere in your project.

To work with the JavaScript libraries directly in myDESIGNER, open a view script and navigate to the “Includes” tab


Now, let’s look at the details of the Includes window:


On the left side of the window, you can see all subdirectories. On the right side, you can find all your source files. If you double click on the file, you can edit it easily.

Selecting JavaScript or CSS #

First of all, you should choose if you want to work with JavaScript files or with CSS files. To select either of those:


New Directory Creation #

To create a new directory, press the “New Dir” button.

Directory Deletion #

To delete a directory, select it and press the “Del Dir” button.

New File Creation #

To create a new file, press the “New File” button and give it a name.

Deleting File #

To delete a file, select it and press the “Del File” button.

All JavaScript in the primary folder is automatically loaded in view. In addition, all CSS files in the primary folder are added to your view automatically.