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myDESIGNER offers many tools for performing the most common data acquisition, display, animation, and effects—and all of this without coding. For maximum flexibility mySCADA also includes a complete scripting language based on JavaScript, which allows you to interact programmatically with most of mySCADA functions with a high-level scripting language.

Easy to learn #

Scripting can be used for all sorts of tasks. The possibilities are endless, as it is designed to be easy to use, extending the functions of mySCADA. You do not need to be an experienced programmer to be able to use scripting. Using JavaScript as a scripting language means you do not have to worry about memory allocations, leaks, or complex programming issues. Using it is very simple and straightforward.

Features #

mySCADA has many built-in features that can be extended with scripting. If you are starting out, you can use all of the built-in features to acquire data, create graphics, make dynamic animations, and conduct other tasks without writing any code. You can then pick one area that needs a little extra flexibility and write some simple script while still using all of the other functions. As you get more experienced, you can take further advantage of powerful scripting.

mySCADA functions integrated helper #

myDESIGNER offers you integrated function helper which shows you all the available functions in myDESIGNER.

This feature shows you how the function looks and whats her output and also sample of the function.