Triggering time sequences

Time sequences can be trigger by several actions:

  • by time
  • by tag value
  • by user action

To set a trigger, select the required action in the Trigger combo box.


Trigger by Time #

Trigger by time will play your time sequence after the view is shown. It can be delayed in the Timing settings.

Trigger by Tag #

If you set trigger by tag value, you should specify the tag, minimum, and maximum values. If the tag is between the minimum and maximum values, your time sequence will be triggered. To modify the values, please click on the Tag button:


You will be presented with the Tag Settings dialog.


Once the tag value is between the specified Min and Max values, your time sequence will start playing. It will stop after the specified time duration (see Time Settings). If you want to stop your animation immediately after the tag is out of the Min/Max range, please check “Stop when condition not valid:.”

Trigger by User Action – Click #

A Time Sequence can be also started by a user action. You can specify which graphical objects can trigger your time sequence.

1. Select all the graphical objects you want to trigger your time sequence. Now click on the “Click” button.


2. You will be presented with a setting dialog:


3. Click on the “Select click items, then click here” button.