This is another possibility for writing arbitrary values to the PLC. You can create a slider control, enabling the user to move the slider and write values to the PLC. The slider can be a simple object as shown below, or it can be a complex scenario like moving items on a conveyor. Any graphical object on your screen can act as a slider.


Some example slider controls:


To activate this control, select your graphical item, navigate to the Write/Set command options in the Properties window, and select Slider.


You will be presented with the settings window:


In the dialog window you have to set:

  • Tag – either manually or from the tag database by clicking on the ‘’ button.
  • Type – you can choose the orientation of the slider from Left to Right, Top to Bottom, or vice versa
  • Min and Max – range of Tag value
  • Lengththe length of the slider movement in pixels

The following picture demonstrates how parameters correlate to one another: